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A Nexus Inquiry

A Nexus Inquiry

Faruque Ahmed
Taxi Drivers' Section, NSW TWU
6/12 Woodbury Street
Marrickville - 2204
Phone - (02) 9564 1079, Fax - 9559 6030 Mobile - 0418 227 551
Date: 30 January 1998

Mr. Brian Scurff
Regional Manger
NSW Department of Transport
Fax - (02) 9270 6199

Dear Mr. Scurff

It becomes a must to ask you the following questions as reports coming to us that taxi plates issued by the DoT are being used by questionable people with far more questionable motive. It is essential to obtain an official answer for the following questions. I hope your co-operation in this respect.

1. How many types of taxi plates (free of charge and conditional) were given to taxi networks and/or companies by the DoT?
2. How much revenue paid by those networks to the DoT for the usage of those taxis?
3. How many of those taxis were retained and operated by the taxi networks and/or companies?
4. How many of those taxi plates were leased or given to other taxi operators/bases?
5. Did all of those operators/bases paid same amount of money for the usage of these taxis, & what would be the total amount paid to the networks and/or companies?
7. Did those operators in question "5" bailed out taxis to other bailees/bailors and what were the total monitory amount being charged for such bailments?
8. Did those operators/bases in question "5" adhered to: a. DoT Acts and Regulations?
b. Industrial Relations Acts and Regulations?
c. Occupational Health & safety Acts and Regulations?
d. Fair Trading Acts? and
e. Workers Compensation Acts?
9. Did the DoT issued taxi plates on "never to be traded" basis prior to 1995?
10. Did the DoT removed "never to be traded" condition plates refer-red in question "9"?
11. How many taxi plates have been issued for the usage of disabled people and are they being used for this purpose or used as a normal taxi?
12. Can the Department assure that all disabled taxi plates are being used to their full potential?
13. What mechanism is in place to ensure that such taxi plates could be monitored to serve it's intended purpose?
14. Do you have a register of taxi owners/operators accessible to bailee drivers to ensure their authenticity?
With thanks
Sincerely yours

Faruque Ahmed

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