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Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants

Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants

Please stand side by side with Faruque and prove that you care about taxi drivers instead of stabbing him without any valid reason or ground.

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Re: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants

Poor Faruque got no friends during action. Yet, he got many critiques! Is it a sad and bad situation?

Nicecabbie ought to be commended for his interest in this affair anyway.

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Re: [NSWTDAEXEC] Re: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants


Thanks for clarifying that you seek comment or advice. But I'm not sure on what, if any, below. I understood you wanted to REPLY to the Ch 7 letter BEFORE going to Slater & Gordon. I agreed to assist with any letter YOU drafted. I don't see such a draft letter anywhere. Over to you.



(I am still of the view that going straight to Slater & Gordon might be best, but prepared to assist with reply to Ch 7 letter as per above.)

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Thanks for the clarification, Jason. Be sure to tell Faruque that we'll be eager to hear about his great victory over the Seven Network when it happens.

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Re: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants


Faruque was demanding "Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants". Network 7 failed to do that and they are trying to defending the indefensible. Now, Faruque is asking good taxi drivers to assist him to take this issue further.

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Re: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants

It's not an unreserved apology, Faruque. In fact, the writer spends the greater part of the letter defending the content of the programme. The 'apology', such as it is, is merely a diplomatic gesture. There is no admission of wrongdoing.

Your claim that an 'Unreserved Apology to Taxi Divers [sic] and Migrants' was issued is, as usual, an overblown case of Faruque-hyperbole.

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For your comment or advice.

Re: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants


1 December 2008

Mr Faruque Ahmed

Media Manager

NSW Taxi Drivers Association

PO Box 322


Dear Mr Ahmed


Thank you for your letter we received on 11 November 2008 in relation to a Today Tonight broadcast on 20 October 2008. Your letter has been referred to me for response on behalf of the Network.

The Australian television industry is regulated in accordance with the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice ("the Code"). The Code is endorsed by Free TV Australia, the industry body which represents all of Australia's commercial free-to-air television licensees and is registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority ("ACMA"), the Federal Government agency responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, radiocommunications, telecommunications and online content. The Code is a result of extensive consultation with government advisory bodies, community interest groups, industry representatives and the public generally. You can access a copy of the Code by visiting the Free TV website at:

The Code is intended to regulate the content of commercial television in accordance with current community standards and to ensure that news and current affairs programs and promotions are broadcast fairly, accurately and appropriately.

Specifically, clause 4.3.1 of the Code stipulates that when broadcasting news and current affairs programs, licensees "must present factual material accurately and represent viewpoints fairly, having regard to the circumstances at the time of preparing and broadcasting the program".

It should be noted that Clause 4.3.1 requires licensees to `represent viewpoints fairly, having regard to the circumstances at the time of preparing and broadcasting the program'. It does not require that all views relevant to a program must be presented, or that a licensee must use all the material available to it at the time of preparing and broadcasting a program.

The Today Tonight story in question presented Errol Robinson's personal quest to investigate his concern that taxi drivers new to Australia and who are not familiar with Australian roads are costing customers at least 20% extra on some fares.

The introduction to the story elucidated that the investigation and opinion was one held by Errol Robinson's and other experienced cabbies: "Everyone has got a cabbie story, but tonight, the cabbies are telling their own. Australian born drivers are taking aim at migrant drivers who rely on satellite navigation systems to get around ... Local drivers are saying that it's not good enough because their reputations are at stake ..."

The program's subsequent test results supported Mr Robinson's concerns showing that those drivers reliant on satellite navigation systems ended up with higher fares than drivers familiar with the local area. Consequently, we do not believe the material presented in the program was in breach of clause 4.3.1.

Further, Clause 1.8.6 of the Code provides that a licensee may not broadcast a program or program promotion:

"Which is likely, in all circumstances, to: provoke or perpetuate intense dislike, serious contempt or severe ridicule against a person or group of persons on the grounds of age, colour, gender, national or ethnic origin, disability, race, religion or sexual preference".

The drafting of clause 1.8.6 deliberately includes reference to, "likely in all circumstances", "intense", "serious" and "severe" to reflect the intention that the clause relates only to material that is egregious, flagrant or gross in nature. Therefore, a very high threshold is required to be met before material is considered in reference to clause 1.8.6.

While we do not believe that the story was "likely, in all circumstances to provoke intense dislike, serious contempt or the severe ridicule" of immigrant taxi drivers, we apologise for any offence it may have caused. It was certainly not our intention to do so or to encourage racial intolerance of any kind.

Your letter has been brought to the attention of the Executive Producer of the Today Tonight program and your complaint has been logged in our official records which we are required to publicly report each year.

Seven appreciates you taking the time to put your complaint in writing. Letters such as yours provide a valuable source of feedback regarding community attitudes and concerns. The Seven Network takes its broadcast responsibilities and your complaint seriously and takes steps to ensure that material which is put to air is fair and appropriate and that we are meeting the expectations of all sectors of the community.

If you are dissatisfied with this response the Code provides that you may write to the Australian Communications and Media Authority with regard to your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Nick O'Donnell

Regulatory & Business Affairs

Seven Network (Operations) Limited

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Re: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants

Based on mamubhi's posting I am going to ask Ted or anyone to draft a Media Release or letter to address the situation before the next committee meeting.

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Faruque Ahmed got a few filthy rich and powerful enemies. However, far too many people of all walks o life love him too. These peoples' combined voice managed to scare the electronics terrorists and Faruque's emails are working now.

I also believe, Faruque is talking to law firms like Slater and Gordon to take a class action against racist Seven Television Network.


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In fact Faruque Ahmed wrote this letter below on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 with couple of typo as he was under tremendous pressure for a number of reasons.

Faruque Ahmed is authorised to issue Media Release or write letters on behalf the NSW TDA as per established policies. However, to make it easier and consensual, he posted the letter on the Executive Forum. The following day, he found some positive remarks by some committee members. One of his committee members spoke to him about the issue and he promised to read his email before writing the letter at 6.00 pm. However, at the nominated time Faruque Ahmed found his email was sabotaged by `good people'. He was angry and frustrated at that time. He then spoke to Ted and asked him to send another email to another email address. Alas! At midnight, he found the other email was sabotaged too.

Based on previous experience, one can conclude Faruque's phone may be bugged by someone (legally or illegally) and his email too may be sabotaged or hacked the least. Naturally his friends published his story in many places to chase criminals.

At that time Faruque was also busy to collect true information about another ugly incident at the Kingsford Smith Airport, domestic terminal and later at the international terminal involving taxi drivers, security guards, state and federal police.

In short, a security guard misdirected a taxi driver and later an argument ensued. Police was called in and seventeen state and federal police arrived at the scene. The police have acted like `rent a cop' and threatened to arrest the taxi driver. The taxi driver stood his ground and said, "I have not committed any crime – on what ground are you going to arrest me". He was supported by other taxi drivers too. At the end the driver gave in to brutal force and left the terminal for the International Airport.

Over there the movement was slow and he was sharing his story with other taxi drivers including the NSW TDA Vice President Ann. In fact taxi drivers were having a bit of good time at their own expense. Around sixty minutes later two police arrived and they asked all taxi drivers to disperse. All of the drivers refused and said, "this is our workplace and we are talking to each other – you are not going to tell me it is illegal!" Anyway, the police said to the taxi driver who was originally involved in the argument at the domestic terminal, "you are barred from the Airport for 24 hours". Naturally, all of the taxi drivers present protested and said, "you can't do that". Finally, taxi drivers won and the NSW TDA Vice President Ann made very good contribution despite she had a personal tragedy on that day.

Now, one must wonder why the hell the NSW TDA is not issuing a Media Release asking federal police commissioners Mick Keelty, NSW Minister for Police and Sydney Airport Authority to investigate this incident and stop taxi driver harassment.

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Union_faruque@... is sabotaged and Faruque Ahmed asked me to post this item on his behalf.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008




'A Fair Share of a Fair Fare'

President: Geoff Coates Secretary: Ted Hirsch

Mobile: 0431 585 944 Phone: 02 9526 1629 Phone: 02 9810 1136 Mobile: 0432 665 822

Subject: Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Immigrants

Chief Executive Officer

Seven Network Limited
38-42 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Ph: (02) 8777 7777

Dear Sir/Madam

Your network's Today Tonight show deliberately aired an anti-taxi driver and anti-immigrant story based on blatantly false and fabricated reasons and grounds. This report was carefully conspired, concealed, fabricated and delivered to cause injury to all taxi drivers and migrant workers in general. Most importantly, this broadcasted report was not truthful and accurate in the first place.

ABC Television's famous Media Watch program and many other sources clearly exposed the fraudulent and malicious nature of the Today Tonight (Monday, 20/10/08 re Taxi Driver) segment mentioned above.

I therefore ask you to broadcast an unreserved apology on several occasions at prominent time slots. Failure to do so as requested may result legal action in the state and federal arena.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Media Manager

Mobile: 041 091 4118

Email: union_faruque@...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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